21. sep, 2011   Agencija Oskar, Indija, Nepal  


Potres v Indiji in Nepalu

Agencija Oskar:
We heard about earthquake on the news yesterday, how is situation? On the end goes program to Himalaya.
I hope you and your family are ok,
Best regards
Indijsko-nepalski partner:
Thanks for your kind mail addressed to my colleague Mr. Manish.
With much relief, I wish to inform you that the recent earthquake of September,18, 2011, whose epicenter was reported to be in nearby Sikkim Himalayan region, India & Nepal had no impact on the hotel property and its operations.
There was minimal impact of the earthquake in Nepal, North East region i.e. Sikkim, West Bengal and east part of Bihar. The government sources say there is no any kind of damage taken place in tourist areas including Nepal. All transportations including airlines, public and private vehicles are running as usual. Hotels and restaurants are providing all services. Internet, electricity is in operation. Even in most affective area, all trekking areas are safe, and trekkers are enjoying their trek without any hindrance.
Please feel free to write us for more details, if any.
Personal Regards,