02. mar, 2011   Agencija Oskar, Člani pišejo, Maroko  


Maroko – pogled naših partnerjev na trenutno stanje

Hi Damjana,
I’m fine. Thank you.
Yesterday was the big day for demonstrations, the first and only ones called in Morocco, they were small, peaceful and calm, except some excited youth who broke the windows of a Maroko-Fez-Najbolj-slikovita maroška fontana NajjarineMc’Donalds and a Zara Spanish clothing store in the center of Marrakesh.  This happened because they were in the center of town near where the demo took place and weren´t politically motivated.  They in now way reflect any anti American or Spanish sentiments.  There were no calls for the king´s resignation or any other radical changes. There were no arrests or confrontations with the police. There are no plans for any more demonstrations, I think Morocco is perfectly safe to visit.
Best regards, Amal
It’s very calm.
The political demonstration that happened yesterday, was pretty peaceful.  Apart from some badly brought up teenagers that broke some stores, everything was quite. I think you don’t have to worry about your clients. 
Best regards, Zineb BOUAYAD