02. mar, 2011   Člani pišejo, Egipt  


Egipt – pogled naših partnerjev na trenutno stanje

Dear Travel Partner,
Please be informed regarding the Touristic situation in Egypt:
-­       Totally day life and works returned back with full capacity.
-­       Every thing is security and Egiptsafety all around the day and night.
-­       The touristic monuments and Museums all over Egypt are opening and receiving tourists since Sunday 20.02.2011, (also the Egyptian Museum opening and receiving the tourists from Sunday 20.02.2011).
-­       The Charter flights and tourists arrived Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh Since 20.02.2011. (Hurghada Airport received till yesterday 22 Charter flights, Luxor Airport received yesterday 03 Charter flights from Paris, Luxor will receive today 04 Charter flights from London).
-­       Yesterday, 21.02.2011 Cairo received tourist groups and a lot of individuals.
-­       Palma Tours received yesterday a group from Norway to visit Cairo, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh.
-­       All requested reservations from overseas Travel agents during March 2011 still operating without cancellation.
Hopping to receive your groups at the nearest future.